Larnaca Cardiovascular Wellness Center

Dr. Michaelides Andreas MD Consultant Cardiologist

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Expert Physicians

Renowned expert physicians, multi-boarded in internal medicine, cardiovascular diseases, nuclear cardiology, interventional cardiology and cardiac electrophysiology.


At our Center, we are committed to enhancing the care of our patients by providing a comfortable, friendly outpatient setting. We are dedicated to improving the health of our community by focusing on the individual needs of each patient. As a result, we are continuously increasing our knowledge base and expanding our technology.


State-of-the-Art Technology. With the addition of the technology to the classical medical examination, our center furthers its commitment to being at the forefront of diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases. This breakthrough technology reveals the earliest signs of cardiovascular disease without the need of an invasive and hazardous procedure.


State-of-the-Art Technology The center features the latest technology of medical equipement on the island. Electrocardiography.  Echocardiography. Carotid Artery Doppler. Exercise Treadmill Test. 24h Holter monitoring of blood pressure and rhythm. 

Dr. Michaelides Andreas

Consultant Cardiologist

  Speciality Consultant Cardiologist...

Dr. Nadejda Vikhoreva Michaelidou

Consultant Hyperbaric Physician

Speciality Consultant Hyperbaric Physician  ...

Dr. Michaelides Alexandros


Speciality Physician...


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