The focus of every activity at our Center is on quality medical care. Our patients will experience a level of personal attention that treats them as valued and invited guests, not only meeting but exceeding their expectations.

At our Center, we’re committed to enhancing the care of our patients by providing a comfortable, friendly outpatient setting. We are dedicated to improving the cardiovascular health of our community by focusing on the individual needs of each patient. As a result, we are continuously increasing our knowledge base and expanding our technology.

State-of-the-Art Technology

With the addition of the technology to the classical medical examination, our clinic furthers its commitment to being at the forefront of diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases. This breakthrough technology reveals the earliest signs of coronary artery disease without the need of an invasive and hazardous procedure.

The center features the latest technology of medical equipement on the island.

Electrocardiography with the ability to perform late potentials which is a screening test for sudden cardiac death. In just seconds, it can perform a test with immediate results and detailed report.

Echocardiography with the use of the latest technology in ultrasound imaging and diagnosis. Chamber quantification, valve function, myocardial performance and much more.

Carotid Artery Doppler examination for the diagnosis and screening of atherosclerosis and the evaluation of the vascular-arterial system.

Exercise Treadmill Test with the use of latest technology software with wireless technology and detailed blood pressure monitoring during the test for wirefree, detailed, secure and comprehensive examination.

Holter of 24h monitoring of blood pressure and rhythm with the use of the latest technology software with the help of the smallest devices.

For patients, this means earlier detection of heart disease enabling treatment to begin at a stage where it can be protective and most effective.

We’re committed to enhancing the care of our patients by providing a comfortable, friendly outpatient setting.

From the warm greeting extended by our front desk staff to the detail and attention given by our cardiologist and nurses, each patient is treated with the utmost of care.

Our multi-board-certified cardiologist is on call 24 hours a day to provide emergency care. Plus, we have contracts with most local health plans.

Please Note: not all tests are covered by insurance plans. We will verify on your behalf with your insurance plan before scheduling the test.


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